Snow, snow, go away! (I've had enough by now, thanks.)

I live in South Carolina, and we don’t usually get snow—and if we do, it stays long enough to enjoy for a day or two, and it disappears.  This is the fourth day with snow on the ground, and snow fell for three days in a row.  We got about 5 inches of snow and ice, not counting all the snow that fell on Tuesday and melted.  If it had stayed, we'd have about 10 inches I would guess.  I am thankful I don’t have to cope with this sort of weather very often, and so are my chickens!

Here's a video of them the first day before I moved some of them up to the big pen pictured below.
The chickens refused come out of the house.  I put food and water inside.

Snow falling day three.  Back corner of the garden

Chicken tractor/yard


I tried to move all the chickens up to the big pen pictured above so I'd only have one pen to deal with, but I knew I couldn't get Mr. Cuteypants, the pearl guinea, up there unless he decided to go (I don't try to catch him). Dividing them worked well, though, because they had more room to move around in the houses, and I could put food and water inside the house and leave them alone.  Yesterday afternoon my daughter and I moved the last two chickens up to the big pen, and I released Mr. Cuteypants.  He was in distress for a few moments after seeing all his chickens leave, but then, in the most cooperative moments of his entire life,  he flew across the yard towards me and the chicken pen!  I had to move out of the way so that he didn't hit me. Then he obediently walked to the pen and in the door, and was reunited with all of his hens. 

Back yard looking toward big chicken pen

The garden under snow

The garden

These poor daffodils want to bloom.

Carolina Jessamine covered in snow and ice

Our driveway

The creek with ice at the edge