It’s cold enough to freeze bubbles!


Perhaps you have seen the photos going around on Facebook of people freezing bubbles.  I don’t know who had the insane idea to blow bubbles on a cold day, but after I saw the pictures I had to try.  It did work, provided  I was able to keep the children away from the bubbles long enough for them to freeze!


It was 12 degrees F here this morning, which is the coldest temperature I remember experiencing in SC in several years.  And it’s still below freezing in midafternoon.  I know many of you may scoff at my complaints, but I’m not used to this crazy cold, and I don’t want to become used to it either.

Last night I tucked my chickens into their chicken tractor, gave them extra feed, and covered the entire thing with plastic.  This morning I put on my warmest clothes (I don’t have many of them!) and put on the only hat and gloves I could find, and went outside to give them more food and water.  They came through the cold night fine, and, thank God, we’ll return to our more normal January temperatures of highs in the 50s and 60s by the end of the week.