Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Our locally grown fall supper

My potatoes that I harvested back in the early summer are sprouting eyes, even though I have kept them in the coolest area of the house, and in darkness.  I'll plant the smallest ones out tomorrow, I hope, and I'll see how they do over the winter.  It's not potato-planting time in SC, but the ground doesn't usually freeze here, and I hope that I can preserve these under a layer of mulch until February.  We won't eat the small ones, regardless, so it's not a waste of potatoes.


The potatoes that are large enough to eat I peeled and I am cooking for supper.  Yes, I grow purple potatoes.


Along with my garlic and cabbage, we are eating Wil-Moore Farms' pork bratwurst.  Their farm is about 10 miles from my house, and, although I have some tomatoes from Mexico and some bananas from South America, I rejoice in feeding my family locally-grown meals as much as I am able.  



  1. I LOVE your purple potatoes! And I love your goal of eating local food. We need to get together soon so you can give me some tips on that! ~ cheryl

  2. Thank you! And I would love to get together soon! I do try to eat locally, although I don't always succeed.