Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Mansfield, MO

On my trip to Missouri, we also visited Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds in Mansfield, Missouri.  For a tiny town, Mansfield has two interesting places to visit--Baker Creek and the Laura Ingalls Wilder Home.  I would have liked to stay at both places longer than I was able to, but I am thankful I visited.  Laura Ingalls Wilder is one of my favorite authors; I love her books so much that I recently read "The Long Winter" for my own entertainment and found it as fascinating as I did as a child.  If your only experience with "Laura" is from the TV show, I invite you to read her books

Baker Creek is a quirky reproduction Ozark pioneer village.  The storekeeper said the gardens have been deluged by rain this summer, and that they weren't as nice as usual, but I enjoyed them.  These pictures are courtesy of my father, Keith Haynes, who provided them for me after I lost my iPhone/camera (yikes!) when it fell off the roof of the car near the Ohio River in Indiana when we stopped, and I didn't realize it until we were in Kentucky.

 I took some lovely pictures of the gardens at the Laura Ingalls Wilder home which were planted with seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom seeds, but they are lost.  

Interesting building at Baker Creek
Entrance to Bakersville
Walking among the gardens

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