I am thankful for all the rain we have had this year, but my garden is a mess!

Since I have begun gardening, at least, I don't think I have ever complained about the rain.  I grew up in a farm family, and I have always been aware of the need for regular rainfall for crops in ways that is not possible for folks who live in the city.  

I have, however, had about enough rain for awhile.  My garden is a mess because of the excess rain, and although I am thankful that the rain is replenishing my well after the years of drought, and that my creek flows with water, I would enjoy a break.  

Standing water beside my driveway

There's a compost pile and some tomatoes under the weeds

My garden is messier this year than it was in the years I had infants and toddlers.  Many times this year I have awoken with plans to work in the garden to hear crashes of thunder and pounding rain.  
Asparagus plants with watermelon vines, and lots of weeds!

According to online weather data, we have already had more rain than we normally get in an entire year, and 8 inches more rain than we had for the entire year last year.

More weeds!

Pea vines have taken over, but at least weeds have a hard time penetrating them.

This week the forecast is for pleasant weather, so I plan to tackle these weeds with the help of my chickens.  A goat would be more helpful, I imagine, but I'll have to use what I have available.  I need to make room for my fall garden.

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