The First Asparagus Has Appeared in My Garden!

Spring is finally here, even if we are having to take a detour back to winter today.  Yesterday, I picked the first asparagus spear, which means that spring has truly arrived!  

I picked the first asparagus spear this week!
I transformed it  into an omelet with some of my eggs.
Thanks ladies!
My artichoke plants look healthy, and I expect them to bloom soon.
Honeybees love the fava beans.  I will probably turn these into the soil before the beans form because I grew them as a cover crop to provide nutrients to the soil, not to eat.  Fava beans do well over winter in SC.  They are a cool-season crop.
The collards are blooming; the bees are enjoying them too and I'll save seed when the seeds form.
Potato plants I set out in February are peeking through the soil.
The garlic I planted last fall is happy!
English peas 
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