Mr. Cuteypants has finally done something useful...

...and it is official: he (she) is a girl. I went out to check on the chickens this afternoon and heard Mr. Cuteypants making a sort of forlorn chirping in the chicken tractor, which contains the nesting boxes.  He didn't dash out to bully the chickens when I approached the pen with food, so, given his past dramatic history, chronicled here and here,  I decided to check on him.  Mr. Cuteypants is many things (loud, irritating, etc.,) but not forlorn.  As I approached the chicken tractor, he dashed out, unharmed.  I checked the nesting box, and found one tiny guinea egg among the chicken eggs.  We'll eat it for breakfast and let you know how it compares to chicken eggs.  Too bad The Pearl has met his maker, or we could, as my girls pointed out, have "cute little baby guineas!!!"  

Mr. Cuteypant's egg is in the center
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