Guinea Eggs--a Taste Test

Mr. Cuteypants is the light colored bird in the center

I'm a little late getting this post done, but I wanted to let you know about guinea eggs.  Mr. Cuteypants (a female) faithfully lays an egg almost every day.  The eggs are about half the size of a chicken's egg, and the shells are much harder than a chicken's egg; they require several good knocks against my granite counter top to shatter the shell.  They taste like a chicken's egg.
Three guinea eggs

Cooking them for breakfast

Mr. Cuteypants has become much calmer since he's (she) begun laying eggs.  Perhaps he's preparing for impending motherhood, I don't know.  I do not miss his incessant squawking of "Buck wheat!"

Mr. Cuteypants last summer.  I need an updated picture; he has more wattles now.