Fence=1, Dog=0

Yesterday afternoon, while I was not at home, my husband, Scott, said a dog came into our yard.  We live in the country, and even though our county has leash laws requiring people to take their dogs out on a leash, many people ignore these laws and allow their dogs to wander around the neighborhood.

I don't mind wandering dogs as long as they are friendly and well-behaved.  This dog was neither friendly nor well-behaved, and he had an interest in my chickens.

Scott stalked him as he wandered the yard, while wondering if he'd need to encourage the dog to leave our home with force.  Mr. Cuteypants saw the dog and began his squawking alarm, and the dog, encouraged that such an animated creature would make a tasty plaything, tried to discover a method of entry through the fence, made of electrified netting from Premier 1 Supplies.

The fence did its job, and gave him a solid shock on the nose, producing a yelp from the pest.  The dog, discouraged from his pursuit of feathered playthings, ran the 250 feet or so from the fence and the chickens to the road without stopping.  I hope he learned his lesson and will not return.