"Uh-oh, Mommy, I Breaked the Egg!"

Hens lay fewer eggs when they days get shorter; their bodies tell them it's time to rest, just as we feel the need to stay inside and rest when daylight fades early.  Yesterday, I got two eggs from my eight hens; today I got one egg, and that one egg will not make it to the table.

My three-year-old daughter wanted to carry the egg, which she did, and to hold it (we didn't go directly to the house) for awhile.  I tried to get her to lay it down, but she wasn't interested in doing that, and I didn't want to make an issue of the egg.  Three-year-olds can be careful, right?

Then the predictable conversation occurred:  "I not break it, Mommy."  "Okay, good.  Be careful!"

"Uh-oh Mommy, I break it a little bit.  There's a crack.  It not open up."  "Okay, be careful!"

In the interim I was trying to get a fence up so the chickens didn't destroy my garden, and was shooing away a chicken that was pecking at my Brussels sprout plant.

"UH-OH MOMMY!! (egg streams through the fingers).  I breaked it!!"