My Potting Shed

Exterior view of shed

Because my gardening supplies were taking over the garage, we built a potting shed.  My husband, Scott, designed it, with my input.  We wanted it to look as if it might have been part of an old homestead and as if it belonged on our property.  The siding is made of Western cedar, because we didn’t want to have to paint the siding, and we wanted it to resist decay.  Cedar resists rot naturally.    We situated it in the edge of the woods. 

We tried to use recycled and free materials to construct the shed.  My father cut down trees from his woodlot to provide some cedar lumber for the door.  Our neighbor from a previous house was a carpenter, and we recycled some old windows he reclaimed from a structure he was repairing.  We used old hinges my father found in one of his outbuilding for door hinges, and I used a garden trowel for the door latch.

We enclosed one-half of the shed to contain a potting bench, pots, soil, fertilizers, and supplies.  The other half is open on one end, and contains wheelbarrows, the lawnmower, and other tools.  The windows prop open, and it’s pleasant to work in the shed with them open while a spring rain pelts the tin roof.    
Potting bench with soil container in the middle

Although a company built the shed, Scott built the potting bench and shelving.  The bench has shelves for storage, and in the middle of the bench is a round container that holds potting soil.  To the left of the potting soil container there is a slatted counter with a removable container underneath the slats.  When I put soil into pots, some falls out of the pots, and instead of making a mess on the counter, it falls through the slats and into the removable pan, which I can pull out and dump back into the larger container.
Removable container that holds spilled potting soil when it falls through the slats
If your gardening supplies threaten to overtake your house, consider building a garden shed this spring.  Keep all your supplies in one spot and let your spouse reclaim the garage.  If I had to build the shed again, I would probably situate it closer to the vegetable garden; because I have to walk across the yard to reach the shed I am not always as vigilant about returning tools to their proper location as I should.