Our First Egg!

This morning, when I went to move the chickens before 7:00 to their new area of pasture (it was just next to the previous pasture, so I slid the chicken tractor containing the chickens a few feet and moved the fence), I found this egg on the ground inside the tractor!  The girls and shared the small egg, but Scott, my husband, said he wasn't going to eat a green egg.  It's just the shell that's green; the rest of the egg is like an ordinary egg.  I guess I'll have to crack them and cook them before he sees them in the future!  Three of our chickens, Americanas, will lay blue-green eggs.  Ella has now allowed me to use one of her wooden eggs from her play kitchen to put in the nesting boxes to show the chickens where I want them to lay their eggs in the future.  What a treasure hunt every morning's visit to the chickens will be now!
Ella, still half asleep, holding the first egg. 

The egg is blue-green, and from an Americana; it's about half the size of a normal egg because the chickens are young.
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Cooking the egg.  It was delicious!  The shell was much harder than usual.

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