Photos of Flowers

Veronica 'Crater Lake Blue' in bloom in the formal garden
Dianthus 'Artic Fire' bordering a path
Foxglove I grew from seed, in the back border
Mock Orange blooming in early spring in the back border

Peony beginning to bloom
Bearded Iris my aunt gave me
Yellow snapdragon with an open mouth
Larkspur, or "rabbit flower" as my sister and I used to call them--see the rabbit's head in the center of the flower?
Perennial begonia blooming in late summer
Back border in late summer
Back border with the large shrub, lespedeza, in bloom
Helleborus, deer-resistant mainstay of the late winter garden 
Pot of Muscari, or blue bottles, I have had in this pot for several years.  I put it somewhere out of the way when it's not blooming.
Daffodils blooming outside the vegetable garden in late winter
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