My Chickens Flew the Coop!

Last night, I moved the chickens back into the chicken tractor while they were drowsy.  They didn't fuss, and no one scratched me.  This morning, I let them out of the chicken tractor into their movable yard enclosed by electrified netting.  They walked around a little, and then two, first an Americana and then a Barred Rock, took off from the ground and flew over the netting.

At first, they tried, in a panic, to get back in with their sisters.  But the sisters decided that freedom looked like fun, and quickly, five more flew over the fence.  While I stood there with, I am sure, my mouth hanging open in shock, the first seven explored the woods.  The other two remaining chickens wanted freedom too, and, as I admitted defeat, I let down part of the fence so they could get out and the others could get back in. 

There is nothing I can do to catch them in the daylight, and as this happened at 7:30 AM, they have a long day of free-ranging ahead.  They will probably return to the pen because it is, after all, where their food and water is located.  In the meantime, I imagine my plants will have chicken-pecked holes in them again, and my patio will be covered with chicken poo.  I believe a wing-trimming is in the works.

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